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We have been thinking about thinkARK and how it can develop and over the last year or so we have been struggling (so to speak) to bring the mountain to us. So we have decided why not go to the mountain. To this end we have decided to make our weekly meetings monthly which will be special more event based evenings. The first one is going to be at the end of February (27th) at 33 windsor place. which is going to be really great to get it kicked off.

Victoria Tillotson one of the people behind the sunday soup groups in Bristol is coming over to talk to us about their experiences about the project. So please come along to that. Then for all the other wednesday's we will be heading far and wide to experience other peoples events and learn new things so we will be changing our calendar slightly so that we put on things that people might be interested in going to do and see. A kind of what's on for people who want to learn, do and socialise.

Finally in the spirit of thinkARK we have also been thinking about a badge. The idea being that people wear the badge at these events and if you see someone wearing the badge you know they have come from thinkARK and hopefully you might want to chat withe them. We are also wondering if there could be a prize for the person who meets most ARKies during a year?

We were possibly thinking about selling the badges to fund our future projects. So what do people think??? any comments about this?

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I want a badge :)

Not too sure about selling them to fund projects - I'm not against the idea but I reckon it needs further thought in that badges are very cheap to make and they're usually free. So for people to pay for them, we've got to not just sell a badge, but there needs to be other value to it as well. How can we enhance them and make them more than just a badge?

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