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Apologies: With half the gang in Cornwall at the Intersect it was a pretty quiet Wednesday in ARK. However its sometimes weeks like this that I prefer the most, as I get to speak to a small group in more detail about what we want to do or how we need to improve what we do. So what did I learn this week?

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I was asked a while back if I could think of some ‘inspirational women’ I know to speak at a local Cardiff event. To my dismay, I was stumped. So was the questioner, hence the question. We both sat there, humming and hawing. But as neither of us are Cardiff locals – we used this as an excuse, a poor one but an excuse nonetheless.

ARK in the PARKWell this year started with a bang we had an event that we had to get organised (still not to late to come along with your friends to it. Tuesday 25th January from 6pm at Cardiff Arts Institute). Coupled with the really good news that a number of people who were looking for work have now got new jobs and some have been redeployed to different areas of their business. So for 2011 this brings a whole different feel to thinkARK as most of the projects have relied on people using some of their spare time to help out creating projects and events. So this year is going to be even busier.

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The lovely Geraldine kindly sent me this link It's a blog post about an idea for a tool that helps local communities share resources and reduce expenses using geolocation, interactive mapping and visualisation. It also mentions other interesting sites like: Superfluid makes collaboration in social networks fair by enabling members to trade favors using a virtual currency Ushahidi is a non-profit tech company that develops free and open source software for information collection, visualisation and interactive mappingand discusses the possibility of using this software for organising community based initiatives.

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Thanks to all the people who came to share their skills and talents last Wednesday night in CAI. Everyone seemed to have a good time, even if they didn’t come away with exactly what they were looking for!

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!Bring and share is all about creating a place where people with a skill to offer can hook up with people with a skill in need and vice versa. It could be anything that interests you, from juggling to video production to art appreciation. Have a look at our ideas if you're not sure... Meanwhile, here are a few tips on making it work for everyone.1. The basic unit of exchange is one hour, of your time or someone else's.2. Give freely – it works best if you offer something you really enjoy doing.3. Bring and share is based on trust and common sense – so please keep fairness in mind.Need a bit more detail? Just ask your welcome host...---------------------------------------------------------------------------------The areas we are looking at so far:- computery things

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Always good to show the developments of the group.

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