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A fascinating and invigorating first day of play:DO HACK WEEK here in Cardiff Bay. First up host and hack-master Julian Sykes took the floor, asking the question: How can we create playful experiences that are not only fun, but that people can actually take things away from, and thereby promote social change? It’s the question that ‘us nine hackers’ will be mulling over for the rest of the week.

Next we spent awhile introducing ourselves and our passions to the rest of the team: with Kev Moss talking about the difference between making things digital and making digital things; John Collingswood talking about mixed-media layering in contemporary dance; Andrew Price mixing up Dylan Thomas and wind speed; Heather Kelley talking about pushing gaming beyond the digital and physical to the sensory; Chris Mog talking about how mistakes can lead to new solutions; Steve Coleman asking where, why and how do we lose the innate creativity of our childhood, and can we bring it back again; Jorge Lizalde showing us memories he’d recreated in real time; me talking about the architecture of cross-media fiction; and Ben Hyde sticking us all together with elbow charge.

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We wanted to do something extra for playARK Festival and Talks 2013, so we decided that this year we would run a hack week that would bring together individuals from different disciplines to develop unique ideas that explore the theme of RECLAIMED.

In conjunction with yello brick, the aim of play:DO Hack week is to create a playful and socially aware experience that utilises creative technology and reclaims traditional approaches to how we live and work within our cities. The week will focus on the idea of knowledge exchange and open experimentation and we hope the week will create opportunities for future collaborations for the individuals involved.

Nine individuals will be working together to develop three prototype projects that will be shared and discussed at the playARK Festival talks (Friday 1st November) and run as an event at the playARK Games Day (Saturday 2nd November)

Our Hackers are:

- Kevin Moss – creative director of Make&See who create branded digital content & experiences. His cross platform stories have been shortlisted at MipTV and Power to the Pixel and won the Media Festival, Channel 4 Digital Art Prize.

- John Collingswood - one half of TaikaBox, a Cardiff-based company specialising in the integration of dance and digital media.

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here's a nice blog from Germany, highlighting the fine art of Urban Hacking:

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This year we have some fantastic games for you to come and play. We have scoured the world for the best in street games and computer assisted games. All games are free apart from our headline game.

A game that tests your speed, wits and cunning. You've been sent by the Big Boss, Bad-Ass Billy Ball-Breaker, to pick up a special shipment; you've got to smuggle as many packages as you can through Cardiff bay. But you've got competition; other gangs, bent coppers and a host of crooked characters want a cut too. You'll have to out-wit, out-run and doublecross them to get your way back to base. There are a lot of dirty dealers out there; you've got one hour to do the right thing…
Please note this game is played across multiple locations in Cardiff Bay.

GAME DESIGNERS: Brent Morgan & Stephen Donnelly
TICKETS: £5.00 available from WMC -


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This month Philippa Davies joins ARK and GeekSpeak Cardiff for a joint event to talk about digital projects for community glue and growth. You can expect a quirky mix of technology, psychology and an infectious approach to creating ‘glue’ that really sticks!

Passionate about digital inclusion and community building, Philippa set up and co-runs non profit organisation and blogs about content, creativity and low-cost technology at .

Come along, 7pm, upstairs in 33 Windsor Place. is a group that runs monthly meetups, sharing web/social media skills in 3rd sector. You can find them @geekspeakCDf

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Tom (@TomChatfield) is a British writer and commentator. The author of five books exploring digital culture – most recently How to Thrive in the Digital Age (Pan Macmillan) and Netymology (Quercus) – his work has appeared in over a dozen territories and languages.
Tom is a fortnightly columnist for the BBC, TED Global speaker, international commentator and broadcaster, and has worked as a writer and consultant with some of the world’s leading technology firms.

He completed a doctorate at St John’s College, Oxford, before moving to London, where he lives with his wife and two cats.


Odette Toilette

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We are delighted to announce a number of opportunities available to creatives and artists for playARK festival 2013. We are commissioning game designers and experience makers to bring their games to Cardiff this November. The games can be anything from pervasive street games to computer assisted games. During playARK festival 2013 we will be programming two headline games, five pop-in games and then two games specifically for family orientated audiences. So if you have a game that you have already designed or you want to bring something new that will premiere at playARK we want to hear from you.

Below is a link for application packed full of further information on what we are looking for.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon August 30th

Find Out More and Apply Here

If you have any queries regarding this opportunity please contact Natalie

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Thanks to everyone who came to the "co-production: social change in action" event last night. I enjoyed it loads (and people have said that they did too, so that's cool.)

Just a quick note to say that due to timings (and having to invent a screen to project onto), we didn't get a chance to chat about potential new projects at the end, so we're going to get together to chat about it on Monday (this coming Monday - 1st July).
Where: at mine, 15 Janet Street, Splott, CF24 2BD
When: from 7pm
There may even be cake, and juice, and there will always be lots of fancy teas.

There are a couple of things in the pipeline -

1. The IDEO + acumen free 5-week course "human-centered design for social change" ( - we're getting together a Cardiff team, deadline to register is Wednesday 3rd July.

2. The People's Health Trust has got £50k funding over 2 years for active communities. ( Could we do something with that? Deadline for application is mid July.

3. At last night's event one of the groups started talking about issues affecting Splott, including the (existence and) implantation of heavy industry, and how this affects the neighbourhoods. This may be something to explore within 1. and 2. ...

We are delighted to announce our fourth meetup which will once again take place on Wednesday 27th March. We'll be talking about co-production of public service with Noreen Blanluet. Noreen is a partner in All In this Together, an organisation that promotes co-production and its principles in Wales.

Co-production is “delivering public services through equal and reciprocal relationships between professionals, people using services, their families and their communities”. During the evening we will be talking about how co-production can be applied in a variety of contexts. The evening will include an interactive thinking and doing session around examples of where co-production has had an impact.

We will also have time to chat about projects people are thinking about doing as well. So if you have an idea want to meet new people and develop some socially motivated projects why not come along.

Please come along, 7pm, DOWNSTAIRS in Fire Island, CF10 1DD -

Check out the amazing work being done by All in This Together at

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This months meet up is a shoe and tell event your chance to turn up and talk about something you have been working on. The talk doesn't have to be fancy of be very long, just bring something to show.

Confirmed talks are:

- Trade School
- Sustainability talk
- walks and talks alpha test opportunity

If you would like to take part or just come and hear somethings this month we will be at Bachus (the old CAI) from around 7pm

Wednesday Club

Why not come along to our meeting on Wednesday evenings and see how you can get involved! Click here to view our calendar.


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