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We are delighted to announce our second meetup which will once again take place on Wednesday 27th March. We'll be talking about Creativity and Play with Steve Coleman. Steve is currently "researching the links between play and creativity with a weather eye towards pervasive gaming".

We will also have time to chat about projects people are thinking about doing as well. So if you have an idea want to meet new people and develop some socially motivated projects why not come along.

Please come along, 7pm, upstairs in 33 Windsor Place, CF10 3BZ.

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Wednesday 27th February, 7pm, 33 Windsor Place, Cardiff - thinkARK's monthly meet-ups kicks off with an informal talk from Victoria Tillotson who co-produces projects as part of the Collect, one of which is Spoon Feed - an arts mirco-funding event that has been running since February 2012 in Bristol and combines support for artists from fellow practitioners with a delicious soup supper. Victoria has a background in visual art and currently works at the Pervasive Media Studio as a Producer.

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We have arranged our first monthly meetups.

Hope to see you all there.

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We have been thinking about thinkARK and how it can develop and over the last year or so we have been struggling (so to speak) to bring the mountain to us. So we have decided why not go to the mountain. To this end we have decided to make our weekly meetings monthly which will be special more event based evenings. The first one is going to be at the end of February (27th) at 33 windsor place. which is going to be really great to get it kicked off.

Victoria Tillotson one of the people behind the sunday soup groups in Bristol is coming over to talk to us about their experiences about the project. So please come along to that. Then for all the other wednesday's we will be heading far and wide to experience other peoples events and learn new things so we will be changing our calendar slightly so that we put on things that people might be interested in going to do and see. A kind of what's on for people who want to learn, do and socialise.

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There seem to be a few things on the agenda for this wednesday's meet up so thought might be an idea to write them up see if it helps get people see whats going on.

- Monthly wednesday events for thinkARK (where and what could they be?)
- Sunday Soup (a project setup by Mab Jones wondering if thinkARK can get involved in anyway?)
- Future projects (have we got any ideas for projects?)

Anything else?

Just add below in comments.

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So This year has been great in terms of projects for thinkARK but I feel that it has lost some consistency with regards to the wednesday club. The main reason this year has been the lack of a space. Cardiff Arts Institute changed to Bacchus and with it the people changed and so did the conditions of using their space. It's a shame that a company as large as Brains have places and spaces and no awareness or even desire to help out volunteer groups. We would have had to rent the space out every week for £50, which seems a bit steep.

Anyway with this in mind we have moved to 33 Windsor Place. It's still early days but it seems more suitable. The music isn't too loud and they also have a space upstairs. With this in mind I am wondering if we can start to break up the thinkARK wednesday clubs through a monthly show and tell.

So The idea I am thinking about is to keep the week socials but then the last wednesday of every month have a show and tell event about something in particular. I was hoping to see what people think about the idea?


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It's Sunday and I think I have finally recovered from from an amazing week of Trade School. I have learnt so many things: how to repair chairs, knit scarves for mice, how to bind my own notebooks, the Polish word for flip flops (it's Klapki) and most of all I have learnt how generous and sharing you all are! I met lots of lovely people and I'm really hoping we can do it again. A massive thanks to Laura (the unsung hero) for getting it all off the ground. It was touch and go finding a venue (thanks to but it all worked out in the end.

So here are a few photos so you can see what we got up to:

A big thanks too, to all the amazing teachers and to everyone who attended. Hope you come back next term.

It would be good to hear your thoughts to on the project and how we move it forward so don't forget to pop along to Wednesday Club too.

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So, we have lots of people wanting to run classes, lots of volunteers, lots of people wanting to all we need is a venue that is:

- free and/ or cheap to hire
- open until 9pm during the week
- big enough for 10-20 people and room for props/ equipment etc
- accessible for the elderly, pushchairs, wheelchairs etc.
- fairly central in location or easy to get to

We are currently looking at and Cathays Community Centre plus the potentially has the upstairs of an empty shop available. Different pros and cons so any suggestions welcome

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Just logging two thoughts here for the record...
UnLtd ( funding may be right for the next PlayARK games event - contact is Gareth Bickerton and he's lovely.
Games in the Rain - seeing as we have so very much of it. Can we have outdoors games specifically devised for a rainy day? Making use of the rain - and making people look forward to a wet day.

N x

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Board Games


the parcel

Who watches the watchers










Wednesday Club

Why not come along to our meeting on Wednesday evenings and see how you can get involved! Click here to view our calendar.

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