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Choose between numbers 1 and 2.
It's simple.
You can only choose one number.
Number 1 will lead you one way and 2 will lead you another.

Life in beta is a test immersive experience developed by yello brick that explores the ripples and traces that people leave behind. Listen, observe and explore the world through a phone call with a stranger.

Game designers
yello brick

Game Type
Suitable for everyone

Do I need to bring anything?
You will need a mobile phone to play life in beta

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Register to hold a class or take part in a Trade School Cardiff; the Trade School Cardiff page is up and running!

We need people to run classes for Trade School Cardiff- if you have skills, knowledge or experience that you can share with other people then please go to the Trade School Cardiff page and click register to teach

You can add a description of what you will be doing, a bit about yourself, choose a time and day and list what you would like in exchange for your class.

Once classes have been approved then other people can sign up to take part in them, so we need people to get their ideas on the Trade School Cardiff page as soon as possible!

If you would like to run a class but are a bit nervous of teaching, we have volunteers who can offer support and help you to put your class together. Just let us know.

If you need any help with registering, putting your class together, or would like more information, email laura.howe(at)

For some inspiration from past classes, have a look at Trade School New York

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Last Thursday we had an initial meeting about running Trade School Cardiff. Trade School Cardiff will be running from May 12th-20th, which coincides with Adult Learners Week.

What is Trade School?
Trade School is an informal learning event at which those wishing to learn barter for the knowledge of those willing to teach.

Why Trade School?
Trade School puts a value on all type of knowledge, skills and experience. It promotes the belief that everyone has something valuable they can share with other people, and encourages learning and the exchange of ideas in an environment of mutual self respect.

How does Trade school work?
Anyone who wishes to share a skill or knowledge with a group of people registers to run a class in exchange for goods. Those wishing to learn bring along the goods required by the 'teacher'. Trade School Cardiff will have a special page on the Trade School website on which people can register classes or sign up for classes. Any type of skill, knowledge or experience can be shared as long as it is not about exploiting other people or the promotion of a business.

Who can get involved?
Everyone from any background, community or age group can get involved as long as they are prepared to respect everyone else taking part.

What kind of knowledge can you share at Trade School?

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For anyone who's interested in getting involved in Trade School Cardiff, there will be an opportunity to put thoughts and ideas together next week on Thursday 12th of April. Come to the Owain Glyndwr pub on St. John St in Cardiff city centre from 7-9pm to find out more about the project and see how you or other people can get involved as organisers, teachers or learners.

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We thought we would look at an old game and make it that bit tougher. Fancy an egg and spoon race but with space hoppers thrown into the mix?

Your chance to relive those sports day challenges.

Game designers

Game Type

Do I need to bring anything?
Just bring yourself and your game face

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We hope you can join us for drinks after the days exertions.

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In the lead up to this years playARK games festival we will be putting on a game on Saturday 5 May, 3-5pm - Cardiff (Secret location - you will be told nearer the time where to meet and where you will finish)

Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with.........

Information has been uncovered by a mole agent that threatens the whole of the country’s National Security. The agent left a final transmission giving a date 05/05/12 and referencing an Event. No other information is available at this time. The agent’s current status is missing in action. You as agents are being recruited and deployed to create a united undercover front to succeed in what will be known as operation CYCLOPS.

So if you fancy playing you can get a ticket on ur eventbrite page.


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Milkwood Gallery, 11 March 2012 3pm-6pm

For International Women's Day this year, ThinkARK will be running a workshop at Milkwood Gallery using Barbie dolls to explore our own and prevailing attitudes to the female body.

Playing with Barbie dolls as a child is a happy memory for many women.The Barbie Hack is intended as a playful way to encourage people to consider popular views and ideas about the female form, and to challenge those Frankenstein forms presented to us by mass media. Poor Barbie is a representation of what the media tells us we should be - to the extent that her feet were moulded into a permanent tip-toe stance ready for her stilettos!

Come along to Milkwood Gallery on 11th March and mould Barbie into a shape that more accurately represents you. Following the event, the hacked Barbies will be on display at Milkwood Gallery.

Introducing Barbie...
Created in 1959, Barbie is the best-selling fashion doll of all time.

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Hello game lovers!

We had so much fun last year running our games festival that we have reached for our fun calendar and set a date for 2012. We can now announce that we will be running the playARK Alternative Olympic games on.........(epic drumroll).........Saturday 7th July.

The festival will be packed with our usual exciting menu of pervasive games, digital games and board games featuring some oldies and some crazy new games including Space Hopper Sports.

We are looking for game designers and creators to submit their games to be part of this year's festival. We are looking for all kinds of games from street games to board games - let your imagination run free. Deadline for submissions is Friday 8th June.

Check out the highlights from last years festival:

PlayARK Game Festival, Games, October 2011 from Jorge Lizalde on Vimeo.

If you want to submit a game or want to find out more information about this year's festival please contact (me) Allie at

Just putting a note in here, the digital equivalent of sticking a twig in the sand.

Gareth at Welsh ICE would like to discuss the possibility of running games at the official opening of the Welsh ICE in April. A huge big empty building to play with!!! Hmmmm... Gareth will make it down to ARK sometime soon to talk about this. So this is just a heads-up.

Also, because I said I'd mention it to you guys and then *completely forgot*, he showed me an app called Aurasma -!/aurasma and - it could be put to very good use in games... (provided the wifi coverage is decent).

Signing off for now. x

Wednesday Club

Why not come along to our meeting on Wednesday evenings and see how you can get involved! Click here to view our calendar.

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Back in January 2011 thinkARK...

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