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Two days since Play ARK 2013 Festival and Play:Do Hack week finished.

And what a week had been. Laughing on my own with the flashbacks.

I would like first to thank you Allison and Julian as I know how much they have been working for the last four years to make this festival happen, without forgetting obviously Natalie, she is as much important.

They have created a yearly cultural landmark in Wales and UK in a economic worldwide crisis period and when cultural budget cuts have been implemented. Not an easy task when you are not attached to any cultural institution and carry on with them the keywords "Game" and "Fun", enemies of any funding. As the French would say, "Chapeau".

The week had its ups and downs as any creation periods, maybe magnified because it was a collaborative process. But, all in all, I haven't had so much fun for a while and if you ask me to do it again, I would be the first one.

My last thank you goes for the new human brew on ground, the first Play:Do Hackers, Kevin Moss, John Collingswood, Heather Kelley, Steve Coleman, Ben Hyde, Ravi Thornton, Chris Mog and Andrew Price for being so inspirational and with who I had a great time and pleasure to meet them. Respect, Yos!!

I hope the great projects that came out from the week, Fractured Memories from Team1, World Journey from Team2 and PlayDance from Team3, seeing the light properly.

But before I say "Adios!", here there are some of the highlights from the week (click on pictures to see videos).

Attempt to destroy my DIY Screen

First Game, Keystone #6

My Halloween Creation

Pushing the limits

Ben's Vines

Our Game Fractured Memories in Action

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