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playARK Hack Week 2013

What a frenetic last two days have been.

Personal presentations and meeting for the first time my colleagues, Kevin Moss, John Collingswood, Heather Kelley, Steve Coleman, Ben Hyde, Ravi Thornton, Chris Mog and Andrew Price. You should spent a bit of your time checking their great own works, you can find the info here.

Also, divided in three groups, we developed three games in less of two hours, Sea Shanty Spy (clue finding), Fist Full Of Dollars (Western Robbers Vs Sheriff) and Keystone 6 (Police and Robbers inspired by Keystone Cops Films). Without forgetting the inspired talk by Rosa Robinson on climate change. And finishing the day on the Meeting Place in Cardiff central for some dinner, where a kind of weird Musical Chairs took place between dishes.

Believe it or not that it was just the first day.

Today, we started to develop the game which will be presented at the end of the week and in between we have the presentations by Robert Pratten showing us some examples from his pervasive entertainment platform , followed a couple of hours later by Ian Thomas talking us about Live action role-playing & story.

And I think that's all so far. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to explain a bit more details of the game we are developing, but right now, it needs more polishing to shine properly.

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