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This Wednesday club was one of those great evenings. We managed to change subject from the empty shop project and we held a small event about how places are rich in emotions and feelings. Which in some ways are never intended. The example being the local bar stool. In a physical way it has four legs generally wooden and square with a small round padded seat area (I always think of them as being red). However there are so many other memories and emotions that come from these types of object. The feeling of being slightly awkwardly perched, straining to listen to the rest of the group's dialogue. The moment of pain as you stand up having been sat on it, with your back arched, for what seems like hours. Or maybe the last time you saw a friend you were in the corner of an old pub sitting on these stools that were the only available seating.The evening was hosted and informally chaired by Michael or 'Tan' as we know him and he had invited a recent architecture graduate Yi Liu who studies in Cardiff and Shanghai. The mix of people was very interesting and I think everyone got something out if it as it could be so easily related to other peoples practices and ways of working and living. I hope everyone else though the same. We will do more we promise.

Wednesday Club

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