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Hand of the Watchers

There is a problem amongst the Watchers. One of the six sentinels who keep the immortal realm from manipulating our everyday life has been replaced by an impostor. These sentinels watch for breaches in the Veil which prevents dangerous creatures from leaking through to us.

Your task, as a Hand of the Watchers, is to discover the false sentinel and report back. You must find and question the six, gain their trust, and puzzle out whose actions don't fit. This is your chance to make your mark amongst the Watchers. But beware – other Hands have been assigned the same task. To prove yourself, keep out of their sight, and try to identify them and catch them unawares.

The winner is the team who solves the puzzle the fastest, with the fewest points against them.

Game designers
Crooked House

Game Type
Suitable for everyone

Do I need to bring anything?
You will need something to take a digital picture (i.e. a mobile phone or digital camera)

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