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It's Sunday and I think I have finally recovered from from an amazing week of Trade School. I have learnt so many things: how to repair chairs, knit scarves for mice, how to bind my own notebooks, the Polish word for flip flops (it's Klapki) and most of all I have learnt how generous and sharing you all are! I met lots of lovely people and I'm really hoping we can do it again. A massive thanks to Laura (the unsung hero) for getting it all off the ground. It was touch and go finding a venue (thanks to but it all worked out in the end.

So here are a few photos so you can see what we got up to:

A big thanks too, to all the amazing teachers and to everyone who attended. Hope you come back next term.

It would be good to hear your thoughts to on the project and how we move it forward so don't forget to pop along to Wednesday Club too.

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