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A quick overview of day two’s breakdown before I get to the very lovely bit:

So we arrive back at the Wales Millennium Centre and immediately get into our groups of three. For a good couple of hours we think about the project we’re going to create for the festival game-play day on Saturday. After that it’s guest speaker Rob Pratten talking about his transmedia software Conductrr, which feeds out multiple character and events very cleverly through social media. Lunch break. And we-Team-Two take the opportunity to walk around Cardiff Bay for inspiration. It helps. The morning’s idea that we came up with starts to take shape. A second guest speaker mid-afternoon in the form of Live (Action) Role Player Ian Thomas, with his infectious enthusiasm for costume and pyrotechnics! Then it’s time for the team to share their ideas and get some feedback from the others – very useful indeed. That leaves us with a final half-hour, that my team use to try and solve a technical issue we may be facing in our particular project. All in all a very productive day despite, or perhaps because of, all the questions and thoughts that were raised along the way.

And the very lovely bit? Simply that my two team members, Steve and Andrew, couldn't be any more wonderful to work with. Design and technical talent in spades, but more than that, two genuinely funny and caring people. It’s a good combination. Lovely, in fact.

Almost as lovely as the pink stockings story. But I’ll leave that one for another time….

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