Q. What is ARK?/ What happens/ What do you do?
A. ARK is a group of volunteers who are always looking for new people to join in. We are a social club and a network for people interested in making our communities better through fun, engaging & collaborative projects

Q.When is ARK?
A. We meet every Wednesday between 7 and 9pm in the centre of Cardiff. We are currently looking for a new home so please check the calendar on the website and Twitter for details of where we will be.

Q. Do I have to come every week?
A.No, just turn up whenever your free

Q. Who goes to ARK?
A. ARK is for anyone and can includes creative folk, cyclists, researchers, the odd scientist, artists, photographers and loads of other people.

We have a regular bunch of ARKees who are there most weeks and are always on hand to tell you about what we do including Julian, Simon, Laura, Laura (pronounced Low-ra), Lynsey, Allie, Angharad, Dave, Jorge and Geraldine (among others. Plus we always have new people dropping by each week to find out what we do or tell us about any projects we may be interested in.

Q. I’m quite shy and won’t know anyone/ How will I know who you are?
A. You can find our some of our faces in and around this site, but you can also introduce yourself via Twitter or email. Also if the idea of turning up on your own is daunting then one of the ARK team would be happy to meet you first to tell you a little bit more about what we do.

Q. What do I need to do?
A. Just turn up, say hello and have a listen to what’s going on. There is no pressure to join in and any ideas or thoughts are welcome.

Q. Do I have to get involved in projects or can I just pop in?
A. No you don’t have to get involved and you can pick and choose what projects interest you. Just pop in whenever you can.

Q. I don’t know if I can help, or if I have the right skills?
A. Don’t worry we are not looking for rocket scientists, we believe everyone has something to offer no matter what you do. Our approach is that everyone is an expert!

Q. How do I know what project you are working on?
A. You can generally get an idea of the projects we are working on from the blog on the site and also via Twitter.

Q. What kind of projects do you do?
A. You can get an idea at our projects page of the site.

Wednesday Club

Why not come along to our meeting on Wednesday evenings and see how you can get involved! Click here to view our calendar.

Papergirl 2012

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