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Visually-focused digital storytelling community development practitioner. Corgi owner. Mouth.
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Hi I'm Joe and Im a Graphic Communication student in UWIC and live in Cardiff and Portsmouth


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Hailing from North Wales where he returned after graduating from the University of Staffordshire, to work for Bikefax, an award-winning guidebook publishers. During his time there he was principal designer responsible for the design and look of all of...


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I am an artist and photographer involved in the running of tactileBOSCH studion and gallery in Llandaff North. I also work for Cardiff Mind as a mental health professional.
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Laura Howe

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Laura Howe is not very good a writing biographies. However she is quite good at getting involved in fun and interesting projects and persuading other people to do the same. Her background is in theatre design but at the moment she is trying to convince...


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Non-artist, bit of a geek, wonderer of things, more flannel than flaneur.

Jorge Lizalde

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Artist, freelance photographer and moving image maker, born in Spain. Trained in Science and Fine Arts. Speaker of three languages, Spanish, English and French and coder wannabe at night. when I am playing the Artist role....

Ian Perry

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A much travelled Marketer who has developed his passion for the planet and people by studying Urban Environmental Management in the Netherlands. Other positions held include Delivery Officer with Parcel Force in Cardiff, English Teacher in Japan,...


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Carolina Vasquez is a freelance filmmaker. She directs, films, and edits videos for the web - a selfshooter at heart, with a big passion in collaboration. Co-founder of CuatrOOjos: An ExperiMedia project connecting Welsh and Colombian creatives.


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A creative thinker and do'er and co-founder of thinkARK. A designer and creative coordinator with a passion for social and sustainable design. Loves food, cooking, nature and any little thing that makes me laugh.
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Lucy Baker

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I'm an artist and bike nut. As a cycling advocate, I write a blog art.spoke.soul. which brings together my passions of creativity and bicycles. I'm planning an event for Cardiff Cycle Festival 2012 which showcases a group of artists across a number of...
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Weekly Matters

Simon O'Rafferty

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schemer, design thinker & doer. leads research at Ecodesign Centre & E:DN ecodesign network, co-founder of Ark Lab & thinkARK, STEM Ambassador, PhD candidate.................................... ARK projects I want to develop... 1001 community...


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Ecodesign researcher and lover of all this natural...

Sarah Howcroft

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I'm a shamanic healer, teacher and wilderness guide, also an artist and creator of beautiful drums, rattles and ceremonial items
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Design Management Consultant at (d++) Design Research Innovation


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Bruce is the manager of a project to get Welsh universities to undertake more public engagement to help open up universities to the wider world.


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Beth is the director of A Little Bird Told Me; An Independent Prince’s Trust award winning creative business based in Cardiff, working with viral, social media, blogs, all that kind of stuff. They always brings biscuits to meetings. http://www....


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My favourite quotes probably do a beter job of summing me up than i do, so here they are: Without something to die for you have nothing to live for' Tupac, 'Fear can stop you loving love can stop your fear' morcheba, 'Be the change you want to see'...

Alison John

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Alison is a Director of Ark Lab and has a keen interest in social and community led projects. After gaining a BA Honours in Drama and English Literature, Alison has worked with a variety of companies leading and facilitating workshops aimed at community...


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Creative and board member at a digital agency in Cardiff working with lots of interesting clients from across broadcast, marketing, arts and public sector. Side projects include WeAreTasty, Reader's Cats, Terry The Bastard and The Forces of Idiocy......

Ruth Dineen

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Graphic designer by training, typophile and wild optimist by inclination. Was Head of Department of Creative Communications at Cardiff School of Art & Design. Now running a project to co-produce an open-access, cross-sector, international Co-...

Laura Sorvala

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With a background in design, I work under the name Auralab doing design, illustration, graphic recording and visual facilitation. I'm originally from Finland and teach Finnish at the Cardiff Finnish Saturday School. I love public engagement projects and...


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I am an artist. I perform. I make. If I dont make art i get a bit fidgety fingered. I like create and please. I interact with other people. I come up with weird ideas and want to try them out just to 'see what happens'. I like 'chance'. I enjoy 'Failure...


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A graduate in Computer Games Development from the University of Glamorgan, I am currently working as a Software Developer in Cardiff, heading a personal project with a number of friends from Uni.

Steven Coleman

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Used to be a textile designer and digital production manager, currently an MPhil/PhD research student with CARIAD, exploring ways that play can benefit persons with dementia within the care environment. Interested in participatory design and research...


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over 20 years customer service, 14 years hospitality in all areas up to 4 star maangement, 5 years m and s; personal shopper, ran 7 depts, on floor trainer, almost 1 yr project manager for hospitality charity. Now a holistic culinairy expert; using craft...
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Julian Sykes

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Julian is co-founder of Hoffi, a Brand and strategy company based in Cardiff Bay. He is also co-founder of ARK LAB and is particularly interested in how games can be used to involve and aid in the process of understanding to new thinking and concepts. He...


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Sam Goudie is a freelance creative and co-director of Colour and Sound. He also plays music under the alias of Elephant & Soldier.
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Mariasun kortabarria

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At this moment I am involved in art and psychotherapy. I would like to share any one of them. I have actually some art work to share. I am a woman originally from Euskal Herria but I lve in Cardiff at this moment.
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Richard is an independent creative consultant through his new service design agency, servicejunkie. Combining rigorous design thinking with good business understanding and communication skills, he's an advocate of how a service design approach can create...


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Enjoys technology... loves cheeky innovative design... builds 3D printers... designs metal boxes for a living... helped get Hackspace Cardiff on its feet... loves food. I try to play the guitar as well.

mathilde Lopez

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Theatre director and scenographer currently creative associate at National Theatre Wales

Iona Gordon

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I am a regular cyclist and have lived in Cardiff and cycled in Cardiff to work and for leisure and shopping for over 40 years. I am the Chair of Cardiff Cycling Campaign. When working for the Communities First regeneration project in Ely and Caerau I ran...

Dave Cushley

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David Randall

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David is a designer at a Welsh ethical design agency, working with clients such as Christian Aid, Environment Agency and New Economics Foundation to deliver positive social and environmental change.
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As Change agent. Facilitator. Prolific ponderer and sporadic writer. Also, one half of All in this Together, the Wales Coproduction Hub - revolutionizing the delivery of public services throughout Wales.


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Andrew is Digital Director at Hoffi Limited looking into user experience and digital design projects. He has a keen interest in Kite Buggying, Tropical Fish and Gardening and he also dabbles in a bit of creative coding every now and then.
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John Collingswood

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the non-dancing half of a dance company.
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