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playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

via Heather Kelley

playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

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Wednesday - the day in the middle of the week. and the day in the middle of our 3-day hackathon to make something for sharing at PlayArk2013. a day where creativity ran in waves of expanding ideas and complexity, then simplifying everything and starting again. regularly. setting up new websites and twitter accounts, and finding out that actually, sometimes the best technology can be a friendly face and a finger on a button.
we ended the day with Mr Hyde doing a birthday dance for me. in a large cardboard box.

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what a great way to turn 44. creating creative stuff with creative people. with extensive use of post-it notes, TeamThree came up with a set of aims and objectives for our little project. its a good team - we have one person who tends to specialise in real people, one who is keen on real things and one who has faith in the virtual. its a great collaboration, and in no time at all we had come up with an idea and started running with it.

diversions came in the form of Rob telling us about his fascinating project called Conducttrrrr, or something, and offered it to us to play with, which was nice, and Ian telling us more than i imagined i'd ever need to know about L(A)RPing. which was also nice.

another hour of testing and developing and we had a very botched together prototype system.

at the end of the day, the three groups generously shared their ideas and gave feedback before disappearing off into the chilly Cardiff night.

after that, it seems as though Wednesday might prove to be the difficult second album.....

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Day two:

So today was our first day trying to come up with an idea. It's been a fascinating day, if nothing else the challenge of quickly working with people you only met the day before. The task yesterday to create a game in a couple of hours certainly helped.

It has been interesting because it has made me think hard about my own work and what themes run through it and how that conflicts with other peoples way of approaching their work.

For me an element I always want to add is scale to a project, perhaps there it is something about working on the internet primarily - I want the world to be involved in everything!

Others in my group have a more intimate approach to their work which could have caused a tension. But intact it's been really good and I think will make the project strong in the end.

Now to make it!

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A quick overview of day two’s breakdown before I get to the very lovely bit:

So we arrive back at the Wales Millennium Centre and immediately get into our groups of three. For a good couple of hours we think about the project we’re going to create for the festival game-play day on Saturday. After that it’s guest speaker Rob Pratten talking about his transmedia software Conductrr, which feeds out multiple character and events very cleverly through social media. Lunch break. And we-Team-Two take the opportunity to walk around Cardiff Bay for inspiration. It helps. The morning’s idea that we came up with starts to take shape. A second guest speaker mid-afternoon in the form of Live (Action) Role Player Ian Thomas, with his infectious enthusiasm for costume and pyrotechnics! Then it’s time for the team to share their ideas and get some feedback from the others – very useful indeed. That leaves us with a final half-hour, that my team use to try and solve a technical issue we may be facing in our particular project. All in all a very productive day despite, or perhaps because of, all the questions and thoughts that were raised along the way.

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After the getting to know you vibe of the first day, the play:DO hack week has ratcheted up several gears with great ideas flying about and practical development issues being considered.

We settled on our collaborative storytelling thing (note to team: must get a name for it soon) fairly early on in the morning and chopped up the work according to each team members skills & experience.

From my perspective, there are a number of technical hurdles to overcome and I find myself veering from blind optimism to blind panic at regular intervals. Hopefully things will become clearer in due course - thankfully the optimism is growing as the project progresses.

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playARK Hack Week 2013

What a frenetic last two days have been.

Personal presentations and meeting for the first time my colleagues, Kevin Moss, John Collingswood, Heather Kelley, Steve Coleman, Ben Hyde, Ravi Thornton, Chris Mog and Andrew Price. You should spent a bit of your time checking their great own works, you can find the info here.

Also, divided in three groups, we developed three games in less of two hours, Sea Shanty Spy (clue finding), Fist Full Of Dollars (Western Robbers Vs Sheriff) and Keystone 6 (Police and Robbers inspired by Keystone Cops Films). Without forgetting the inspired talk by Rosa Robinson on climate change. And finishing the day on the Meeting Place in Cardiff central for some dinner, where a kind of weird Musical Chairs took place between dishes.

Believe it or not that it was just the first day.

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Presentations at the beginning of the day

playARK Hack Week 2013

Team 1
Heather Kelley, Jorge Lizalde, Chris Mog,

playARK Hack Week 2013

Team 2
Andrew Price, Ravi Thornton, Steve Coleman

playARK Hack Week 2013

Team 3
Ben Hyde, John Collingswood, Kevin Moss

playARK Hack Week 2013

Guest Presentation with Ros Robinson

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