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We are nearly reaching the end of one of the longest weeks I have lived for a while.
I look so dreadful that I didn't need any costume on my way back home and decided to join some kids
for some "Trick or treat?" that boosted my energies. But, all in all, really happy of how the week and the project is developing.

Right now I am preparing some slides for our presentation tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile here I leave you some of the pictures and videos from today:

playARK Hack Week 2013, Day 4

Halloween Distractions

playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

Praying to the Gods

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Click on pictures to see the videos.

playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

via Heather Kelley

playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

playARK Hack Week 2013 Day 3

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After the getting to know you vibe of the first day, the play:DO hack week has ratcheted up several gears with great ideas flying about and practical development issues being considered.

We settled on our collaborative storytelling thing (note to team: must get a name for it soon) fairly early on in the morning and chopped up the work according to each team members skills & experience.

From my perspective, there are a number of technical hurdles to overcome and I find myself veering from blind optimism to blind panic at regular intervals. Hopefully things will become clearer in due course - thankfully the optimism is growing as the project progresses.

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Presentations at the beginning of the day

playARK Hack Week 2013

Team 1
Heather Kelley, Jorge Lizalde, Chris Mog,

playARK Hack Week 2013

Team 2
Andrew Price, Ravi Thornton, Steve Coleman

playARK Hack Week 2013

Team 3
Ben Hyde, John Collingswood, Kevin Moss

playARK Hack Week 2013

Guest Presentation with Ros Robinson

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We wanted to do something extra for playARK Festival and Talks 2013, so we decided that this year we would run a hack week that would bring together individuals from different disciplines to develop unique ideas that explore the theme of RECLAIMED.

In conjunction with yello brick, the aim of play:DO Hack week is to create a playful and socially aware experience that utilises creative technology and reclaims traditional approaches to how we live and work within our cities. The week will focus on the idea of knowledge exchange and open experimentation and we hope the week will create opportunities for future collaborations for the individuals involved.

Nine individuals will be working together to develop three prototype projects that will be shared and discussed at the playARK Festival talks (Friday 1st November) and run as an event at the playARK Games Day (Saturday 2nd November)

Our Hackers are:

- Kevin Moss – creative director of Make&See who create branded digital content & experiences. His cross platform stories have been shortlisted at MipTV and Power to the Pixel and won the Media Festival, Channel 4 Digital Art Prize.

- John Collingswood - one half of TaikaBox, a Cardiff-based company specialising in the integration of dance and digital media.

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This year we have some fantastic games for you to come and play. We have scoured the world for the best in street games and computer assisted games. All games are free apart from our headline game.

A game that tests your speed, wits and cunning. You've been sent by the Big Boss, Bad-Ass Billy Ball-Breaker, to pick up a special shipment; you've got to smuggle as many packages as you can through Cardiff bay. But you've got competition; other gangs, bent coppers and a host of crooked characters want a cut too. You'll have to out-wit, out-run and doublecross them to get your way back to base. There are a lot of dirty dealers out there; you've got one hour to do the right thing…
Please note this game is played across multiple locations in Cardiff Bay.

GAME DESIGNERS: Brent Morgan & Stephen Donnelly
TICKETS: £5.00 available from WMC -


playARK Games Festival and Talks 2013

Recent Activity

playARK Games Festival and Talks 2013

Two days of talks and games that dares you to playfully Reclaim learning, living and working now and in the future.

Festival Talks – Friday 1st November
10am - 5pm (9.30am Registration)
Weston Studio
Full - £25.00
Concessions - £15.00
Early bird tickets - £18.00 (available for a limited period only)

A conference that brings together a day of brilliant thinking from renowned speakers from the UK and internationally that explore the theory, practice and importance of playful and creative approaches to what we make and do. The day will look at how games, story and play is influencing new ways of developing creativity and changing behaviours and patterns of attention. Whether you have an interest in gaming or want to look at your business differently or investigate a possible new way of structuring education or even understand how games can pave the way towards social change then come and join us and find out what the possibilities are. Previous speakers have included Alice Taylor, Matt Locke, Dave Sharp, Dan Dixon and Dr Gareth Loudon.

Tickets are now on sale and are available from the WMC

Festival Games – Saturday 2nd November
10am - 5pm
WMC Glanfa Stage Area
Drop in Games - Free
Headline Games - £5.00

Wednesday Club

Why not come along to our meeting on Wednesday evenings and see how you can get involved! Click here to view our calendar.

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