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DMC for Roath basin ideas meetingLast night was a busy evening. Cardiff Design Festival held their first public planning meeting of the year in Chapter's newly refurbished media point, and Igloo regeneration along with WAG held an ideas workshop about the new Digital Media Centre based in the Roath Basin area of Cardiff. The development is been developed alongside the new BBC buildings in the area.DMC for Roath basin ideas meetingSo which one to attend? Well luckily we managed to get to both. I got to the Roath Basin project and Simon and Lynsey went to the Cardiff Design Festival. I had a great session with the Architect who will be designing the building Robert Sakula, mainly discussing what a Digital Media Centre means and what creative industries may need in a building. There was a great turn out during the evening with a number of familiar faces and others that I need to get to know. What the evening brought for me was the question of digital and what it is? In the context of a Digital Media Centre next to the BBC should it be just for direct businesses within the broadcast sector? but then what is that if not film producers, directors, sound recordists AND website designers, graphic designers, costume designers? There are so many areas that use digital stuff/technologies to create or help them with working that where is the line drawn? there was also discussion on quality of businesses and so output. I wonder how this can be measured and also if it should be measured?

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