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creative networkoriginal mapping processAlong with the empty shop project we have been working on the Creative Network project which has been slowly progressing over the last few weeks. It's taken a while but the two graphics hopefully sum up the evening. On the graph below there are a few misc that if people could sum that would be great. The second graph also looks at some the names cover both being an event as well as a network.We have a number next steps if you like to go to the next step. Firstly we would like to develop the mapping process further and include other events networks etc to the graphs. We would also like to look into the assets of each group to see if we can cross connect groups that maybe strong in one area and weak in another so they may pool resources. We have also go the wish list that was also started during the first chat but we would further like to develop this to see if there are things collaborative tools to increase overall strength of the mapped areas. Ideas such as a group calendar for example.Finally this is an open project and we hope people will both be able to increase the knowledge of the mapping and also suggest other ways forward. Hope everyone has some great ideas and plans.creative networkgrouped with some notes doing more than one thing. Event also covers performancewish-listideas and suggestions for future development. We would love more.Thanks again for the help and we hope we can use this way of working together in the future to highlight that there is a flexibility of working and living in Wales that can have great advantages.

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