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Thanks to everyone who came to the "co-production: social change in action" event last night. I enjoyed it loads (and people have said that they did too, so that's cool.)

Just a quick note to say that due to timings (and having to invent a screen to project onto), we didn't get a chance to chat about potential new projects at the end, so we're going to get together to chat about it on Monday (this coming Monday - 1st July).
Where: at mine, 15 Janet Street, Splott, CF24 2BD
When: from 7pm
There may even be cake, and juice, and there will always be lots of fancy teas.

There are a couple of things in the pipeline -

1. The IDEO + acumen free 5-week course "human-centered design for social change" ( - we're getting together a Cardiff team, deadline to register is Wednesday 3rd July.

2. The People's Health Trust has got £50k funding over 2 years for active communities. ( Could we do something with that? Deadline for application is mid July.

3. At last night's event one of the groups started talking about issues affecting Splott, including the (existence and) implantation of heavy industry, and how this affects the neighbourhoods. This may be something to explore within 1. and 2. ...

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This week was a bit extreme for thinkARK. We had two things to contend with. Part of the group were running a project called trade school cardiff which you can find info about in the projects section of the site. It's taking place over the whole week and there are loads of great things being taught and loads of other things being bartered for. Running along side this was having a Wednesday club with a difference.

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Hello project people,
So, a little later than intended but entirely as promised, I've just inputted (roughly) the projects we listed for 2012 in our Google calendar. It looks very intimidating...! You'd think that none of had any other work to do!

During our meeting at Chapter (11/1/12) we worked out the following schedule for the year:

Jan -
Feb -
Mar - Inspiring Women
Apr -
May - Papergirl
Jun - Papergirl, Hack the City Dublin Trip
Jly - Play ARK, Jorge's Photography project
Aug - Tom Bett's Video Recycling project
Sep -
Oct - Sugru Hack, Made in Roath
Nov - Everwake
Dec -

Have I missed anything? Do i need to change anything? Do you have a project idea of your own that you'd like us to look at helping with? Let me/us know!

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